Chainsaw Man Finale Revisits a Fan-Favorite Character

Chainsaw Man Finale Revisits a Fan-Favorite Character




 Chainsaw Man became one of the biggest new anime series of 2022, competing for the title with big heavy hitters including Spy x Family, Blue Lock and Lycoris Recoil to name a few. While the latest episode is the last for the anime’s first season, it ended in style not only by ending the fight with the Devil Chainsaw and Katana Man, but also with a surprise return that many anime fans may not have seen coming. .

Fortunately for Makima’s powers, Denji managed to take down Katana Man by pulling out a hidden power that the chainsaw fiend hadn’t used before and ripped the chainsaw blade from his leg, splitting the villain right down the middle. After this dynamic victory, Denji, Power and Aki can relax as they have recently gone through hard times due to their enemies. However, an ominous hint for the future of the anime adaptation is revealed in the final moments of the episode, as Denji is presented with a mysterious door that takes him back to his childhood, while also introducing a returning character who has not been a part of the series since the first episode.

Pochita Chainsaw


In the final moments of Chainsaw Man’s season finale, Denji is shown as a child who was told by none other than Pochita not to open the mysterious door that became the heart of the Shonen protagonist and is apparently still searching for his human master despite no longer being by his side:

This reveal wasn’t the only big bombshell that took place in the final moments of the season finale, as the Chainsaw Man anime also took the opportunity to hint at the arrival of a mysterious character known as Reze. Without going into spoiler territory, the young woman is set to play a major role in the event that the anime adaptation returns for a second season, which has yet to be announced by Studio MAPPA. While no news has been forthcoming regarding Denji’s animated future, MAPPA has previously stated that they are on board to adapt all of Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works.

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