Chainsaw Man Fans Just Found Kishibe’s Hollywood Twin

Chainsaw Man Fans Just Found Kishibe’s Hollywood Twin




 Chainsaw Man launched its first season this fall, and as the new year approaches, the series has proven to be a giant. From Aki to Maki, the anime has been making headlines every week and its latest episode has fans buzzing. After all, the anime brought Kishibe into the spotlight, and fans have already found the hunter’s true mirror.

And the best part? Well, Kishibe’s twin brother happens to be IRL in Hollywood. The Hunter is a dead ringer for Mads Mikkelsen, so you better hope Hollywood remembers that if Chainsaw Man gets a live-action option.


As you can see above, fans are flooding social media with comparisons between Mikkelsen and Kishibe. From their sharp noses to their jaws, the men are eerily similar. They have the same demeanor, and of course Mikkelsen’s skills in dramas make him even more suited to play Kishibe. So if the show ever drags Hollywood, this casting choice is something to keep in mind.

Of course, the anime needs to do its own thing with Kishibe before the live-action adaptation can. Chainsaw Man has mentioned this famous hunter before, but only now has he been introduced for real. Makima eventually brought in Kishibe to train Denji and Power. The man has shown how strong he is and his bland personality has already got fans obsessed. So if you want to see even more of Kishibe, don’t worry. The hunter still has a lot of work to do.

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