Chainsaw Man Fans Hyped But Pained Over Wait For Season 2 After Finale

Chainsaw Man Fans Hyped But Pained Over Wait For Season 2 After Finale




 Season 1 of Chainsaw Man is now over. While the suspenseful final episode has anime fans buzzing more than ever, those same fans are also bracing themselves for a possibly long and decidedly uncomfortable wait for Chainsaw Man Season 2 to arrive.

As of this writing, MAPPA has yet to officially announce Chainsaw Man Season 2. At the same time, the post-credits scene of the Chainsaw Man season 1 finale definitively set up a new arc and a key series character for what is likely Season 2 (otherwise, why even tease it?).

As you’ll see below, Chainsaw Man fans are now looking forward to news of Season 2 — and a wait that could stretch into 2024!

Chainsaw Man has kept anime fans so happy every week that some can’t bear the thought of a Sunday without him.


A lot of Chainsaw Man fans look like this now.

Listen, MAPPO, if you’re going to tease us with Rez, you have to deliver. Bring on C H A I N S A W M A N S E A S O N 2!!!!


It’s W I L D to imagine that this series will only get better in Season 2.

Chainsaw Man fans everywhere will be streaming “Sound of Silence” until Season 2 is announced.

Are people here really asking for Chainsaw Man to get a remake? Haven’t we learned how it can get worse???


As much as we all want Chainsaw Man Season 2 like yesterday, we want the animators at MAPPA to be well, above all else. Thanks for a great season 1.

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