Chainsaw Man Fans Honors Pochita With a Truly Massive Snowman

Chainsaw Man Fans Honors Pochita With a Truly Massive Snowman




 Chainsaw Man ended its first season last year, but the fandom is bringing the anime into the new year. After all, all eyes are on his manga right now thanks to creator Tatsuki Fujimoto and his latest wild arc. There’s no word yet on a second season, but Chainsaw Man fans are doing what they can to get excited about the series, which is why one artist paid tribute to Pochita this month.


And of course, Pochita’s sculpture went viral. It’s one thing to promote the devil dog itself, and another thing to honor Pochita by turning him into a massive snow sculpture.

As you can see above, the artist entered the Sapporo Snow Festival this year with Chainsaw Man on the brain. They made a massive Pochita statue and the snowman is downright adorable. With her round paws and wide eyes, Pochita is a total unit in this tribute, and fans are loving this snowy tribute to the devil.

Of course, the Sapporo Snow Festival is no stranger to animated series. The event featured statues for a bunch of anime series including Pokemon, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia and more. No wonder Pochita is in this year’s event and we’re sure the dog is an easier sell as a family dog ​​compared to Power or Denji.

Unfortunately, the snow festivities ended last week in Japan, but the annual event will take place next February. If we’re lucky, Pochita could appear in 2024 for another tribute, so fans will want to keep their eyes peeled.

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