Chainsaw Man Ends Denji’s “Worst Date Ever”

Chainsaw Man Ends Denji’s “Worst Date Ever”




 As the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man picks up steam after the conclusion of its first season, the manga has returned with creator Tatsuki Fujimoto at the helm, introducing a new protagonist to take over the reins of the printed story. With a new “hero”, Asa Mitaka, a War Devil who has an ax to grind with Denji, the Chainsaw Devil has agreed to go on a date with the woman who is trying to end his life. In typical Chainsaw Man fashion, the date ended in spectacular fashion.

With Denji and Asa trapped in an aquarium thanks to a partnership between Famine, the third horseman of the apocalypse, and the Eternity Devil. When the two devils resorted to consuming the starfish, the war devil decided to take matters into her own hands and use her supernatural powers to transform the aquarium itself into a spear. Mitaka’s new powers allow her to create a weapon whose power is based on her connection with her, and when Asa took the opportunity to “buy” the aquarium, she is able to use said spear to impale the Eternity Devil. What made the weapon even more impressive was that as soon as it pierced the Eternal Devil, a swarm of sea life rushed out from his back.chainsaw-man-worst-date

Shockingly, despite Denji and Asa’s date ending in disaster, they both agreed to go on another date. Unfortunately for the chainsaw devil, he may not live to see his next date as Mitaka puts her hand on his head and seemingly tries to turn him into a weapon, ending the chapter on a massive cliffhanger.

As Denji and Asa’s relationship takes a wild turn, there’s still the question of who the Chainsaw Man lookalike that’s been running around is, with a shadow copy being the only thing we’ve seen of her so far.

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