Chainsaw Man Embraces the ’90s In This Retro Makeover

Chainsaw Man Embraces the ’90s In This Retro Makeover




 Not all anime is created equal and in fact not all look the same. Sure, the medium has a certain aesthetic in common, but the anime we know today looks very different from what we saw decades ago. Still, this retro look is still popular among netizens, and one artist went viral when he brought back the Chainsaw Man once.


As you can see below, the art comes from Twitter user hanavbara, a popular fan site that specializes in retro anime. It wasn’t long ago that the account blew up thanks to the Chainsaw Man tribute, and you can see why fans are obsessed with the change below.

After all, this retro style combines some of the best style points from the 80s and 90s. Sharp line drawings, bold colors and exaggerated eyes suit Chainsaw Man despite his shojo lens. Makima kind of looks like a Sailor Moon doll while Aki rocks her wide eyes. And of course Pochita benefits from this retro transformation.


Obviously, this art style is very different from how we met Chainsaw Man. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has a looser art style, and Studio MAPPA gave his anime adaptation a more realistic aesthetic. Still, this interpretation also works with the graphic nature of Chainsaw Man. And to be honest, we need to see what Chainsaw Man vs Katana Man would look like in this style asap.

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