Chainsaw Man Drops a Heartbreaking Nod to Power in New Chapter

Chainsaw Man Drops a Heartbreaking Nod to Power in New Chapter




 Chainsaw Man is working on his new installment and right now the series couldn’t be doing better. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has made Denji even more impressive this time around, and the story’s new lead, Asa, has been loved by fans around the world. Still, the newcomer failed to erase the memories of Denji’s first friends, and the manga made everyone cry and gave a nod to Power.

The update is from Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man if it catches you. The big chapter follows Asa and Denji as they try to survive in an infinite aquarium. At one point, the pair get hungry enough to eat some of the animals in the exhibits, and Asa goes off on an unsuspended tangent after trying some fish.


And what does Denji do in response? Well, she does nothing but smile. The hero says that Ace’s outburst reminds him of an “old friend” and there’s no one to talk to except Power.

After all, Asa’s tangent is loud and full of compliments towards herself. “I’m an interesting woman. I enjoy you, don’t you? I’m glad you noticed! You have a good eye! I’m charming, aren’t I,” she boasts at the beginning of chapter 116. be honest, this speech is one we can imagine Power being given.

Of course, fans who are hooked on the manga know how Power is holding up these days. Unfortunately, the heroine was killed off in the last arc of the first Chainsaw Man. The Blood Devil was removed by Makima, but managed to return to life with the help of Pochita to save Denji from a lifetime of slavery. Now we wait for the Blood Devil to reincarnate. But until then, it looks like Asa can keep Power’s memory of Denji IRL.

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