Chainsaw Man Creator Shares Love for Himeno in New Update With Fans

Chainsaw Man Creator Shares Love for Himeno in New Update With Fans




 The Chainsaw Man anime is gearing up for its big season finale, and the series creator has updated fans by showing love for Himeno in a new letter! The anime is coming to the end of its debut season, and the final arc of the series kicked off with an intense battle that took out some of the most beloved characters of the series’ most beloved fans. As it turns out, some of these characters were actually big favorites of the series creator himself as well, as he couldn’t help but bring up Himeno when addressing fans about the current state of the anime’s run.

During Chainsaw Man’s presentation during Jump Festa 2023 last weekend, original series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto shared a special statement with fans about his reaction to the ongoing anime. While the creator didn’t know exactly where the anime would be in its run when creating the letter, he couldn’t help but notice the influence Himeno had on the second half of the season and beyond after her death.chainsaw-man-episode-8-himeno-anime

What does the Chainsaw Creator think of Himeno?

“Thank you all for coming to the Chainsaw Man stage,” began Fujimoto’s letter to fans during Jump Festa 2023. “I don’t know when you’re reading this, but I’m sure the anime is doing very well. In the second half of the Chainsaw Man anime, Himeno the center of the drama. Himeno is the type of person who leaves little pieces of her things in Aki’s house. I think that Himeno will leave something in each of you little by little, and that it will remain even after her death.”

Fujimoto continued further, noting that Himeno’s death left an impact not only on the fans but also on himself, and he was also surprised by her when he returned to his own work: “I felt an uneasy sense of comfort that Himeno left something in me.” well I don’t often re-read my own manga, but I was touched that I could get something out of myself on such occasions. I don’t know where the anime is now, but I hope to continue to enjoy it with all of you in the future.”

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