Chainsaw Man Creator Reveals New Manga Recommendations

Chainsaw Man Creator Reveals New Manga Recommendations




 Chainsaw Man is one of the biggest manga series in print, and creator Tatsuki Fujimoto owes its success, of course. In just a few years, the artist went from being a relatively underappreciated creator to one of the most popular in Japan thanks to Denji. That said, millions of fans are paying attention to Fujimoto’s manga recommendations, and he just shared his latest tips with fans.

The update comes directly from Fujimoto as he included the two manga series in a recent author’s note. As it turns out, the artist is a big fan of Chaos Game and Blue Period. So if you haven’t heard of the series, keep reading!

Blue Period is definitely the more well-known series among these selections, thanks to its anime run. The series, which began in June 2017, began operations under the direction of Tsubasa Yamaguchi and continues to this day. The coming-of-age drama tells the story of Yator Yaguichi, who spends his teenage years struggling with depression. However, an innocent trip to his school’s art clubs inspires the man and he decides to study art at college. Blue Period has been a hit with readers for its gorgeous art and complex themes, so you can see why Fujimoto is part of the group.

As for Chaos Game, the series is less well-known, but it will definitely be popular with readers. Daiki Yamazaki recently published this story and it tells the story of a journalist named Ran Suzuki. The writer loves uncovering the truth in all things, so they embark on a task involving politicians and the underworld. But when Suzuki notices a creature from hell, the journalist’s life is turned upside down when she discovers how dangerous demons can be.

Currently, Chaos Game has a full volume on its account, while Blue Period has a collection so far. As far as Chainsaw Man is concerned, Fujimoto is walking along with the work. After a hiatus, the manga returned earlier this year with a second installment, and Chainsaw Man is currently being adapted into a hit anime courtesy of Studio MAPPA.

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