Chainsaw Man Cosplay Unleashes The Snake Devil With Sawatari

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Unleashes The Snake Devil With Sawatari




 The first season of Chainsaw Man has ended and now anime fans have to wait for word from Studio MAPPA if there is a second season coming. While the first twelve episodes of this anime adaptation saw Denji and company fighting several devils, one of their most terrifying adversaries was a young woman who made a deal with the Serpent Devil and teamed up with Katana Man. Now, one cosplayer has taken the opportunity to bring Sawatari to life.

Chainsaw Man’s Sawatari could do some serious damage with her Serpent Devil contract, not only bringing out a giant reptile similar to how Aki would summon a Fox Devil, but giving her the ability to swallow and absorb other devils. Sawatari was basically responsible for Himena’s death as the devil hunter in love with Aki sacrificed her life for nothing when the Ghost Devil was eaten by Sawatari’s snake. While not as skilled as her ally Katana Devil, Sawatari could be a bigger threat to the Devil Hunters as shown during the rematch with Aki in the season finale.

Sawatari chainsaw

Instagram cosplayer Miruqi took the opportunity to bring Sawatari to life, striking the pose the villain would use when she wanted to bring forth the Serpent Devil that gave Denji and his allies quite a headache in the first season of Chainsaw Man:


Based on the events of the Chainsaw Man season finale, it does not appear that Sawatari will return to the series as the Serpent Devil bit off her head when she was captured by Maki’s powers. While Devil Hunters debated whether she intended to commit suicide or was killed by the contract she secretly made with Gun Devil, it will be a big mystery if the anime adaptation returns.

While the future of the anime adaptation is up in the air, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga continues to follow Denji, though Part 2 of the series explored new characters and scenarios in this bloody Shonen universe.

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