Chainsaw Man Cosplay Unleashes Denji’s Real-Life Twin

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Unleashes Denji’s Real-Life Twin




 Chainsaw Man may have ended its first season, but that doesn’t mean the fandom is leaving Pochita in the dust. As the world waits for news on the second season, all eyes are on Denji and the gang. After all, the anime was one of the biggest in 2022, and new fans are catching up with Chainsaw Man every day. So of course, one fan had to go viral when their cosplay brought Denji’s real-life twin to life.

As you can see below, the piece comes from Narita.Coser on Instagram. The Japanese cosplayer is a pro when it comes to creating looks, and he did some of his best work for Chainsaw Man. They transformed a few of his stars, but their Denji cosplay is unreal if we’re being honest.


After all, a character’s clothing is easy to imitate, but things get harder when you’re trying to imitate the details. Narita.Coser nails Denji’s hair as the cosplay has a carefully disheveled wig. Combined with a carefully contoured face, Denji has everything from his expression to his chin. Honestly, it looks a little wild.

Cosplaying is an art at its core, and netizens like Narita.Coser prove it in spades.

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