Chainsaw Man Cosplay Uncovers Aki’s Real-World Twin

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Uncovers Aki’s Real-World Twin




 It goes without saying that the fall anime season has been busy, and Chainsaw Man is one of several shows leading the schedule. The hype for Tatsuki Fujimoto’s series has been wild to say the least, and much of the excitement has come from its characters. After all, guys like Aki Hayakawa dominate the fandom, and one of the hunter’s best cosplays went viral for finding his real-life twin.

As you can see below, the piece comes from Twitter courtesy of wiru_son. The photographer teamed up with chibipeko1214 to introduce Aki to our world. After all, the Japanese cosplayer in this cosplay looks identical to the hunter, and it’s partly due to their gait.


After all, the Chainsaw Man uniform is pretty easy to nail, and Aki’s is the easiest to imitate since it’s just a suit. The hardest part of Aki’s look is his hair, but this cosplay makes it easy. Complete with gauges and a cigarette, this version of Aki is unmistakable and proves that the character is as cute as fans think.

Of course, Chainsaw Man is all about Aki right now, and we have his latest arc to thank. Not too long ago, the anime entered its Katana Man arc and the story put our hunter to the test. After losing a close friend, Aki was left alone this week to mourn the loss while Denji took on Katana Man himself. But once Aki gets on his nerves, you can bet the anime will bring back Aki’s infamous smirk.

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