Chainsaw Man Cosplay Proves Denji and Pochita Are BFFs

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Proves Denji and Pochita Are BFFs




 Chainsaw Man ended its first season this week, and the fandom is already missing Denji. The character has been an underdog for the anime community since his introduction to the screen, and his team has grown since the premiere of Chainsaw Man. Of course, no one can win Pochita’s place with Denji because the devil dog rules all our hearts. And now a cosplay has gone viral that proves how close Denji is with his pup.

As you can see on Instagram, the piece comes courtesy of tt0j119 right after the holidays. To celebrate the end of the first season, the fan gave followers a look at their Young Denji cosplay, and they managed to bring Pochita into the project in the cutest way.


Thanks to the plush, here you can find Pochita posing with Denji in real life. As for the hero, this Young Denji cosplay showcases the boy’s carefree aesthetic. With an eyepatch over his head, Denji looks like he was pulled from an anime thanks to his nylon jacket and baggy jeans. Honestly, this Young Denji look is incredible for the anime, and Plush Pochita is even better.

Obviously, tt0j119 is an experienced cosplayer and you can check out their Instagram for even more impressive pieces. As for Chainsaw Man, you can expect even more fans to engage with the series come 2023. Its first season is hailed as one of the best anime of 2022, and hopefully more is on the way from Studio MAPPA. So for now, let’s let Denji live on through cosplayers until he returns to the small screen.

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