Chainsaw Man Cosplay Gets Heavenly With The Angel Devil

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Gets Heavenly With The Angel Devil




 The first season of Chainsaw Man ended a few weeks ago, but before Denji’s first anime outing ended, we were introduced to some new Chainsaw Devil allies. In the first season of MAPPA’s anime adaptation, where several Devil Hunters were killed by the events of the bloody Shonen series, a cosplayer brought one of Denji’s new allies to life as the anime series barely scratched the surface of who and what. angel the devil is.


When Angel Devil made his debut in the final episodes of the first season of Chainsaw Man, he was joined by new allies in Shark Devil, Violence Devil, and Spider Devil to name a few. Since Makima’s powers needed a boost after Katana Man’s attack that resulted in Himeno’s death, Angel Devil is a powerful ally that has plenty of powers. Angel Devil has the ability to steal time from both allies and enemies, using that time to craft powerful weapons that become stronger based on the more years put into them. While we didn’t get much of a chance to see this power used in the first season, expect Angel Devil to play a big role in the future of the anime if a second season is made.

Angel with a Chainsaw

Instagram cosplayer Sai Tiff shared a new take on the Angel Devil, which came in quite handy when it came to battling the zombies piled up by the Devil Katana and his ally, who wielded the powers of the Serpent Devil:


While the future of the anime is still anyone’s guess, the Chainsaw Man manga is still going strong, releasing new installments almost every week. With Denji stepping aside, a new protagonist has taken over the reins in Asa Mitaka, aka the new War Devil who seeks revenge on the Chainsaw Devil. Since these two characters recently shared a disastrous date, the future may give us the most twisted anime couple to ever hit the anime world.

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