Chainsaw Man Cosplay Detonates With Reze

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Detonates With Reze




 The first season of Chainsaw Man is coming to an end, and Studio MAPPA is showing its stuff with the various trials and tribulations of anime star Denji. While the first season featured various devil hunters and terrifying monsters, there will be plenty of other characters, chief among them a mysterious woman known as Reze. Without going too deep into spoiler territory, Denji and Reze will be a unique relationship in the series, and one cosplayer captured the woman’s aesthetic.

In the latest episode of the Chainsaw Man anime, Denji and Power face off against a deadly new training regiment thrown at them by a newly introduced demon hunter known as Kishibe. Unlike the two demons who are powered by blood and chainsaws, Kishibe seems to work under his own power as far as anime viewers know, and he had no problems killing both of his new students a dozen times trying to make them. more efficient monster hunters. While we won’t spoil Reza’s background for those who haven’t checked out the manga yet, expect her to play a big role if MAPPA decides to give the gory Shonen series a second season.

Reze chainsaw

Instagram Cosplayer Min_MMU took the opportunity to bring to life a mysterious manga character who might be able to make a splash in Chainsaw Man’s first appearance, though we’d imagine we won’t see much of Rez if she makes an appearance before the season finale:


While the second season of Chainsaw Man has yet to be confirmed, the popularity of the anime season is hard to ignore, and Studio MAPPA has stated in the past that it was fully prepared to bring all of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s stories down to the last detail. screen. Since many anime adaptations have taken the opportunity to announce new seasons after the finale of previous seasons, we wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement was made soon, especially since the series will have a spot at this year’s Jump Festa, which will be held this weekend.

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