Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Teases Nayuta’s New Role

Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Teases Nayuta’s New Role




 Chainsaw Man has kicked off with its latest chapters and the whole fandom knows it. Tatsuki Fujimoto has fans wrapped around his fingers right now and we have Denji to thank. After all, the hero was entertaining fans with his dates when he and Asa discovered their strange relationship. And now Chapter 119 is all set to bring Big Brother Denji into the limelight with the help of Nayuta.


So yes, the time has come. The reincarnated devil is about to get their close-up and fans are eager to see how Nayuta will deal with her brother’s new friend. After all, Nayuta has a past with Asa, whether he knows it or not.


The whole thing was set up this week when chapter 118 ended with Asa asking to watch movies with Denji at his place. The boy agrees, but makes one condition very clear: Asa must follow all the house rules. If he slips up, Denji admits that the worst case scenario is Asa’s death… and we know it’s because of Nayuta.

After all, the devil lives with Denji because Nayuta is now his little sister. Makima’s death forced the Controlling Devil to reincarnate, and who better than Denji to watch over the girl? The protagonist takes his role as a brother quite seriously, and given what we know about Control Devil, you can see why getting Asa out of line on this date could be disastrous.


This tension is also coupled with the fact that Nayuta definitely knows Asa’s devil. The young girl is a reincarnated rider and Yoru is a war fiend. We can only assume that the two will have some sort of low-level confrontation unless Nayuta’s age keeps her lips sealed. So finally, it looks like Makima’s reincarnation is going to end their role in Chainsaw Man moving forward.

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