Chainsaw Man Claims The Number One Search Spot For 2022

Chainsaw Man Claims The Number One Search Spot For 2022




 Chainsaw Man is clearly well positioned to be one of the biggest anime released this year, with Denji’s story having some competition from the likes of Spy x Family and Lycoris Recoil. With this anime adaptation on the ground floor of Studio MAPPA, the series prepares to say goodbye to its first season and recently became the most searched anime of 2022.

Unfortunately for fans who fell in love with MAPPA’s anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, the first season finale is coming up as the gory story has confirmed that it will only have twelve episodes before the first season is over. With the latest episodes putting Denji and his friends in dire straits thanks to the arrival of Katana Man and his mysterious young ally, the first season is sure to end with a bang if it continues as planned by Tatsuki Fujimoto’s bloody manga series. While no word has been confirmed yet regarding the possibility of a second season, the series will only get more incredible if the anime returns.

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