Chainsaw Man Breaks Denji’s Heart in Valentine’s Day Chapter

Chainsaw Man Breaks Denji’s Heart in Valentine’s Day Chapter




 Chainsaw Man is back and the manga had an update ready just in time for Valentine’s Day. After all, the holiday has put love in the spotlight, and couples across the country are celebrating together. You can only imagine how Denji might celebrate Valentine’s Day if his love life went according to plan. And this week, a familiar face throws off Denji’s groove more than ever.

Of course, the whole situation falls on Nayuta. If you’re into the manga, you’ll know that the reincarnated Control Devil is set for an interesting chapter this week. She ended Chapter 119 with a bang when she sent an attack on Asa after the girl was possessed by Yora and kissed Denji. And now?


Well, now it looks like Nayuta wants his warden to separate from his classmate. He makes a deal with Denji about Asa, and eventually the boy agrees to distance himself from Asa if it means putting Nayuta first.


Rather than physically attack Asa for a kiss, Nayuta simply uses her powers to influence the girl’s mind. This causes Asa to think he is a dog, and Denji is horrified by this. He asks Nayuta to let his friend go, but she only does so on two conditions. The first is that he can have ice cream whenever he wants, and the second demand is that Denji no longer befriends Asa.

Nayuta doesn’t go so far as to reveal what Yoru is up to, but says that Denji has a bad history with women if that’s enough to warrant reservations. It’s clear that Denji doesn’t want to cut Asa out of his life, but he finally admits that Nayuta comes first. Now the question remains whether Denji can keep his promise or somehow force Yoru’s hand.

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