Chainsaw Man Bloodies Power in Wild New Art

Chainsaw Man Bloodies Power in Wild New Art




 Chainsaw Man’s Power has earned its spot as a fan-favorite character introduced in what could claim the title of “best new anime of 2022,” with Blood Fiend now in a terrible position thanks to the latest episode. With Katana Man already proving to be the strongest opponent the Devil Hunters have faced as a team yet, new art has been released showing the Force at its best, covered in blood and ready to dive into battle once again.

The Force is a completely unique character in an anime franchise known for its unique characters who don’t love devils or humans. She was originally employed by Makima after her cat was kidnapped, which caused her to work undercover for the Bat Devil in an attempt to save her favorite cat. Unfortunately for Denji, Power cared much more for her cat than her new teammate, with Blood Devil deciding to sell him in an effort to save her cat. Luckily for the world, the chainsaw devil was able to take down the bat devil and break bread with the force again, and while the Devil Hunters have become friends again, things are looking pretty grim.

Chainsaw power

The Chainsaw Man franchise has shared this new art, which sees the Force not only covered in blood, but also sees the Blood Devil wearing some flashy jewelry to help sell the series on the cover of the publication known as “Eyescream” by artist Nakaki Pantz:


The final episode of Chainsaw Man was its eighth, with Studio MAPPA confirming that the first season will have twelve episodes. While a second season has yet to be confirmed, the popularity of the anime adaptation most likely makes it a foregone conclusion that we’ll see Denji and company return to the small screen, especially since so many stories are dying to be adapted. manga

Speaking of the manga, the second part of the series shifted the focus from Denji to Asu Mitaka, a new protagonist who has a very similar origin to the chainsaw devil, but instead made a pact with the war devil.

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