Chainsaw Man’s New Devil Is an Homage to The Menu

Chainsaw Man’s New Devil Is an Homage to The Menu




 Chainsaw Man has proven itself time and time again as one of the most comprehensive manga series. Although this title is full of violence and bloodshed, it pushed many fans out of their comfort zone. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto thanks the challenge as the Chainsaw Man artist draws inspiration from all over. And now it looks like Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 just paid a major tribute to The Menu.


In case you didn’t know, the Chainsaw Man manga came out with a new chapter this week and it’s crazy. The big update checks on Asa after encountering Primal Fear in the city. The mysterious devil seems to have caused a number of suicides since he appeared, due to their history. The Falling Devil feeds on people’s fear of falling both physically and emotionally. It’s safe to say that fans find the Chainsaw Man devil unsettling, and what’s worse is that they take the form of a chef.


The Falling Devil comes together during Chainsaw Man chapter 123 and their final form is very familiar. We can see the Primal Fear speaking in a very specific tone and their vocabulary is very formal. Combined with their sharp flaps, it didn’t take long for fans to associate Falling Devil with The Menu. After all, the villain borrows verbal cues and physical tics from Chef Slowik. And given that Fujimoto has previously tweeted about his love for The Menu, it’s easy to see where the artist pulled this devil from.


Of course, Chainsaw Man readers will have to see where Falling Devil comes from. It’s been a hot minute since a manga tackled a threat this sinister. Primal fears are extremely rare, and we’ve only come across one of them so far in Chainsaw Man. This rookie debut is a first for Asa, so time will tell how the heroine deals with them. And if Denji gets involved, well – the Falling Devil is in for quite a meal. The only question is whether they are powerful enough to serve Denji up on a platter. Many have tried and failed, including Control Devil, but there’s still something about Falling Devil that makes Chainsaw Man fans nervous.

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