Chainsaw Man: When Will We Get a Season 2 Update?


 Chainsaw Man ended its first season last year, but the network is still talking about an ambitious adaptation. Helmed by Studio MAPPA, Denji hit TV with a wild first season full of gore and gags. Of course, that means fans are eagerly awaiting any word on season two, and a new report suggests we’ll be getting some sort of update soon.

The news comes from a promo for Weekly Shonen Jump ahead of its new issue this weekend. It was there that fans were teased with a Chainsaw Man promo, and it says that the anime will reveal new information to the world in early March.


If this news is correct, Chainsaw Man may give us a second season update on March 5th. Studio MAPPA has been tight-lipped about the show since its finale went live, and of course fans have been begging for some word on a second season. Most fans are confident the order will come, given how popular Chainsaw Man has been on streaming services around the world, but recent Blu-ray sales have blown their sails.


After all, Chainsaw Man was trying to overturn the season one Blu-ray and DVD sales. Less than 2,500 packs were sold in its first two weeks, so Chainsaw Man barely charted. These sales are hardly indicative of overall popularity, but they do show how invested the hardcore Japanese fans are in the show. So it’s clear that international fans were surprised by these low sales.

Still, MAPPA made impressive strides with the first season, and Chainsaw Man more than deserves a second season. If we’re lucky, we’ll get an update on the series soon, and fans can read the Chainsaw Man manga via the Shonen Jump app to tide them over in the meantime.

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