Chainsaw Man: Viral Video Debunks the Anime’s “Poor” Performance

Chainsaw Man: Viral Video Debunks the Anime’s “Poor” Performance




 Chainsaw Man was considered one of the biggest new anime adaptations to arrive in 2022, with only the Lycoris Recoil and Spy x Family series coming close to the title, but there has been debate in Japan as to whether the TV series focuses on Denji’s exploits. was really a success. With some anime fans believing MAPPA production was unable to live up to the Shonen manga source material, a new viral video has arrived to debate whether the anime adaptation was actually successful at the end of the day.


While that’s not all, for judging the anime’s success be all, the outlet known as Oricon will routinely track sales of physical copies of the anime series, with the Chainsaw Man Blu-Rays seemingly failing to live up to the hype that surrounded the series. . Fans and retailers noticed that physical sales of the bloody series in Japan were down for a second week earlier this year, with the first selling around 1,700 copies and the second dropping to just 325, many believing it to be a foreboding that not all was in the world of the devil with a chainsaw in order. However, with the Youtube series “Anime Mythbusters”, video producers are trying to counter this story.

Chainsaw Flop?


YouTube channel The Canpia Effect has revealed that Oricon’s metrics don’t give anime fans the full scope of overall Blu-Ray/DVD sales, while acknowledging that physical sales of an anime series may not be the full picture of an anime’s success, especially in this landscape where streaming is king :

MAPPA has yet to confirm if a second season of Chainsaw Man is on the way, though when/if it is, we’re sure the debate over the show’s popularity level will be put to rest.

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