Chainsaw Man Teases the Debut of Its Worst Devil Yet

Chainsaw Man Teases the Debut of Its Worst Devil Yet




 It’s a new week, and after a short break, Chainsaw Manga is back. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto revived the successful manga today with a new chapter, Chainsaw Man, that will stir up the entire fandom. After all, a simple conversation set up the manga’s next big devil and once again put the primary concerns in the spotlight.


Yes, that is correct. Chainsaw Man Chapter 122 has once again turned all our attention to the Devil. We have Yoshida and the Famine Devil to thank for going head-to-head this week. It was there that Yoshida asked the Rider about a certain prophecy, and instead of being straightforward about their plan, the Famine Devil confirmed that the Primal Fear was about to spill blood all over the city.

This week we got our first look at the unnamed Primal Devil, and as you can see above, the Chainsaw Man manga went hard with its design. The unsettling creature is terrifying to look at and has even instilled fear in Yor. Not even a War Devil wanted to mess with this Primal Fear, so there’s no telling what this character is capable of.


This chapter of Chainsaw Man gave us a little insight into their influence. Primal Devil, like Darkness Devil, is insanely powerful and deadly. Their ability has forced dozens of civilians to commit suicide, so that’s already worrying enough. Aside from the Chainsaw Man, there are few, if any, devils who can stand up to this Primal Fear. And now that Yoru is out of the way of the threat, it’s only a matter of time before Manga with the chainsaw brings Denji face to face with this monster.

Fans are now wondering if Chainsaw Man is harboring more than one of these Primal Devils. We’ve encountered the Devil of Darkness before, and now this unnamed creature is stalking the streets. For some time, fans have speculated that the whole Primal Devils gambit comes from psychology, and that would mean that there are five total threats lurking in front of the Devil Hunters. Extinction, mutilation, loss of autonomy, separation and ego death are on the radar for now. So if this deadly new fiend ties in with any of these concerns, then Chainsaw Man fans might be on to something with their theory.

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