Chainsaw Man Teases Its Biggest Devil Debut Yet

Chainsaw Man Teases Its Biggest Devil Debut Yet




 The first season of Chainsaw Man became one of the biggest anime arrivals of 2022, and while fans await word on a second season from Studio MAPPA, the bloody manga series continues with Denji in a completely different place. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto took the opportunity to flip the script by introducing a new protagonist in Asa Mitaka, a new war fiend, and thanks to the manga’s latest chapter, a new theory has surfaced that suggests the arrival of what could be the most powerful fiend of them all. All.


Asa shared her body with the war devil the best. While the War Devil’s presence gives the high schooler the ability to turn objects and people into weapons of mass destruction, she attempts to exact revenge on Chainsaw for past transgressions. She recently went on a date with Denji and had her memory erased by the current “chainsaw devil roommate” in Nayuta, the new control devil who took over from Makima after the conclusion of the first part.


In the final pages of the latest chapter, Asa stumbles across a dead body and a bunch of bystanders who give off an ominous presence, with some fans believing this is a clue for the Death Devil to finally make his debut as a part of the series. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

Each devil in the Chainsaw Man universe has a power level dependent on how much humanity fears him, which is why the Gun Devil, for example, was so overpowered due to humanity’s fear of the gun itself. In the past, Denji and his allies faced powerful entities such as the Devil of Darkness and the Devil of Katana, who were powerful in their own rights based on humanity’s fear of both the darkness and the katana. While Death Devil has yet to appear in the series, it’s a safe bet that this Horseman of the Apocalypse will be wildly powerful thanks to humanity’s fear of death.

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