Chainsaw Man Teases Anime Update With New Key Art

Chainsaw Man Teases Anime Update With New Key Art




 Chainsaw Man may have ended its anime run last winter, but that doesn’t mean the series is dead. If anything, more fans are buzzing about the show than ever before. The manga has all eyes on Denji with its latest update, and of course anime fans are begging for any sign of a second season. And now, new artwork from the anime has netizens geeking out.


After all, Chainsaw Man has posted new anime artwork on Twitter for all to see. The key art was shared in preparation for the in-person Chainsaw Man production materials event. The team at MAPPA created the art of Denji in action, and the colorful artwork is gorgeous as always.

Of course, the work appeared at a rather conspicuous time. After all, news of an anime update has been doing the rounds on social media this week. If they’re right, then the series is expected to provide some sort of tease in early March. There’s no word yet on what specifically the update will address, but fans are hoping that the second season of Chainsaw Man will be announced in some official capacity.


After all, the show was a huge hit worldwide, and you only have to look at its streaming performance to see that. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto helped the MAPPA team create a wonderful anime, and the second season plans to kick off the story in earnest. So despite low Blu-ray sales in Japan, the overwhelming demand for more Chainsaw Man cannot be ignored.

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