Chainsaw Man Reveals Denji’s Unbreakable Rules

Chainsaw Man Reveals Denji’s Unbreakable Rules




 The second installment of Chainsaw Man finally gave fans a glimpse into Denji’s current home life alongside new Control Devil Nayuta, and the latest chapter in the series revealed the unbreakable rules he must live by at all times! One of the biggest revelations at the end of the first half of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s original manga series was that after Makima was defeated, the Control Devil was brought back to life as a new character, Nayuta. He was given the task of overseeing her growth and the 2nd episode of the series was aimed at her return.


Since Chainsaw Man Part 2 spent the first few arcs exploring a new character, Denji and Nayuta were sidelined. Mystery has been building around Control Devil’s new return to the series, and it finally comes to fruition with the latest chapter in the series. Demonstrating the kind of life Denji must lead with her, there are a number of unbreakable rules he must follow so that others around him don’t die instantly.chainsaw-man-denji-control-devil-unbreakable-rules-explained

What are Nayuta’s unbreakable rules for Denji?

Chapter 119 of Chainsaw Man begins with Denji bringing Asa to his apartment and similar to the previous cliffhanger, there are some rules that Asa must follow or he will die. It starts right from the start with the first rule that he can’t open any apartment door other than his own. The second rule is that she should not open the refrigerator. Asa brushes it off as something she would follow anyway, but then Denji reveals the most important rule.


The third rule is that “No matter what, don’t talk to [Denji] in front of her.” Asa brushes it off as a ridiculous rule that she wouldn’t break anyway since she says she doesn’t like Denji, but Yora soon takes over and immediately puts it to the test by kissing him. Soon Nayuta shows up and now things get a lot more intense as we see what happens when one of these rules is broken.

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