Chainsaw Man Outs Its Deadly Doomsday Prophecy

Chainsaw Man Outs Its Deadly Doomsday Prophecy




 This week, the Chainsaw Man manga dropped a new update for fans, and creator Tatsuki Fujimoto went all out as always. The series once again tested Yoshida as he chatted with an unexpected devil, and it wasn’t long before we learned more about the deadly threat Asa ran into. Finally, it looks like the main threat is ready to penetrate the heart of Chainsaw Man, and the manga made it very clear with the help of the doomsday prophecy.


In Chainsaw Man Chapter 122, fans were introduced to a terrifying prophecy from Yoshida. While dining with the Famine Devil, the hunter casually mentions a name well known to real-world historians, Nostradamus. It turns out that many of the man’s prophecies are canon for Chainsaw Man, and his doomsday theory for 1999 will probably happen in the manga.

After all, Yoshida gives the famine the following about the whole ordeal. “In the seventh month of 1999, the great king of terror will descend. He is attracting attention for predicting the end of humanity. Society sees nothing but sensationalized television and exciting students, but public safety believes otherwise,” he said. Yoshida goes on to say that Future Devil confirmed this theory during an experiment on prisoners, so this doomsday theory freaks out readers of the Chainsaw Man manga.

After all, the Nostradamus theory can easily be found online. The full prophecy was in the mid-1500s, so for those curious, you can read the full text below:

“Year one thousand nine ninety-nine seven months


From the sky will come the great king of terror,

[Will be] revived the great king of Angoulmois.

Before and after, Mars will reign as chance will.”


As you can imagine, Chainsaw Man fans are coming up with their own theories about Nostradamus’ words, and none of them bode well for Denji. From the return of nuclear war to the reunion of the four horsemen, the Chainsaw Man manga has prepared a harsh future for our heroes. And if the Devil of the Future was right with his predictions, Denji and all of Japan are in for a rude awakening in July 1999.

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