Chainsaw Man Issues Yoshida’s Big Warning

Chainsaw Man Issues Yoshida’s Big Warning




 It’s dangerous to get attached to characters in shows like Chainsaw Man, but Yoshida made us fall in love with him anyway. Devil Hunter debuted in the hit series a while ago, but creator Gege Akutami has recently put Yoshida in the spotlight. In fact, his role in the second part of the manga has everyone buzzing, and now Yoshida has stirred up a new debate with his big warning.

After all, the Devil Hunter seems determined to keep Asa on a leash. The hunter started chapter 121 by chatting with Asa, where he told the girl to stay away from Denji.


“The thing is, I want you to stay away from Denji,” she reveals. “You can interpret that however you want.


Of course, Asa is taken aback by the whole situation and leaves the interview in a bitter mood. You can hardly blame Yoshida because he’s basically telling a girl that she’s better off being alone than hanging out with others. And in a stunning turn of events, Yoru tries to comfort Asa by saying that the girl is being too hard on herself.

Now fans are starting to speculate why Yoshida is protecting Asa from Denji. The couple seems to have an easy relationship from the outside, but Yoshida is suspicious. This fact has convinced some that Yoshida knows about Yora and wants to keep Denji from the War Devil, but others are not so sure. After all, a popular fan theory suggests that Yoshida is one of the Riders and could isolate Denji for his own use. It won’t be long before we find out for sure, as Yoshida is becoming a bigger character every day. And usually those heroes don’t live long in Chainsaw Man.

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