Chainsaw Man Figure Features Bloody Makima

Chainsaw Man Figure Features Bloody Makima




 Chainsaw Man was one of the biggest new anime series to arrive in 2022, introducing many viewers to the world of Chainsaw Devil Denji and his devil-hunting allies, born from the mind of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto. While Studio MAPPA has yet to officially announce a second season, many fans rightfully believe that it’s only a matter of time before we see Denji’s story continue on the small screen. Now, new merchandise brings Maki back with a devilishly gory figure that hints at her true threat.


style=”text-align: left;”>Makima is one of the most mysterious characters in Chainsaw Man, who has come to offer Denji a place in his government-sanctioned organization that attempts to rid the world of the demons that plague humanity. The first season of the anime adaptation certainly hinted that there was something bubbling under the surface in terms of Makima’s true intentions and abilities, as she survived being shot in the head and also went to extreme lengths when it came to getting some “made men” to do what she wanted. When season two arrives, expect to learn a lot more about Makima and what he has planned for Denji and company in terms of their mission to take down the Gun Devil.

Makima Chainsaw

Studio MAPPA has teamed up with Shibuya Scramble to create this new 1/7 scale figure for MAPPA, which retails for around $200 USD and features a bloody Maki who has made her presence known in the Chainsaw Man series, even though she hasn’t. a chainsaw erupted from her limbs:


As fans know watching the Chainsaw Man manga, the second volume of the series by Tatsuki Fujimoto saw a drastic change in Makima after the conclusion of the first volume. With the latest chapters following the new protagonist Asu Mitaka, aka the new war fiend, Denji’s role has changed astronomically, but at heart he remains a silly nerd despite the seriousness of his current situation.

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