Chainsaw Man Drops Unsettling Horror Nod in New Chapter

Chainsaw Man Drops Unsettling Horror Nod in New Chapter




 If there’s one thing we know about the creator of Chainsaw Man, it’s that he knows its horror. The artist has time and again shown fandom with tributes in his art. Of course, that hasn’t changed one bit as Akutami is now working on the second part of Chainsaw Man. And now fans believe the creator has slipped in another devastating reference.


As you can see below, it looks like the update comes from the latest Chainsaw Man cliffhanger. The whole thing follows Asa as the girl heads home from her meeting with Yoshida, who quickly picked up. Of course, things will turn around before long. As Asa walks past a building near her residence, a man commits suicide to the side. A cliffhanger promises more suicides to come, and that’s when Yoru steps in to take stock of the situation.

As you can imagine, the sudden twist took fans by surprise and Akutami really got on their nerves with his portrayal of suicide. We are shown the body of a middle-aged man lying twisted on the ground. It’s a grotesque moment and his position is quite familiar. If you’re a horror buff, you may have already made the connection, but fans are pointing out how similar the death is to the death in It Follows.


The horror film is from 2014 and has transcended its indie status to become a full-fledged cult hit. The film is decidedly unsettling and follows a young woman’s nightmare of being haunted by a being that only she can see. The mysterious creature promises to murder the girl unless she knowingly passes the curse on to someone else. And given what we know about demons and possessions in the Akutami manga, you can see why horror fans love this nod.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Chainsaw Man has referenced the horror genre and movies in that genre. The anime’s opening is full of nods to Hollywood hits like No Country For Old Men and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now it seems It Follows has joined the club, and we’re sure this mention doesn’t bode well for Ace’s next encounter with the devil.

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