Chainsaw Man Cosplay Unleashes The Blood Fiend Power

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Unleashes The Blood Fiend Power




 It’s no wonder Chainsaw Man was considered one of the biggest new anime adaptations of 2022 considering the love Shonen fans have for the manga source material. With the series created by mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto recently entering the second phase of its print story, cosplayers continue to bring some of these devils to life. Of all the characters on Denji’s journey, none is quite like the Blood Fiend known as the Force, not only because of her ability to manipulate blood, but also because of her unique personality.


When we last saw the Force, she joined Aki and a host of new Devil Hunters like the Violence Devil, Spider Devil, and Angel Devil to fight Katana Man, creating a force capable of taking down the season’s main villain. one. With Blood Devil continuing to live alongside Denji and Aki in a cramped apartment, Chainsaw Man has yet to confirm if its anime adaptation will return for a second season at this point. While most anime fans agree that it is only a matter of time before Studio MAPPA confirms that they will be returning to the animated story of Denji et al., the second season will most likely not arrive this year based on MAPPA’s current workload.



Instagram cosplayer Snicker Doodle Chan shared this new take on the Blood Devil, with Power quite unlike any other character that makes up the Chainsaw Man roster, not only because of her fierce personality, but also because of her powers that allow her to turn blood into weapons:

Without going into spoiler territory, the second Chainsaw Man storyline played out in the manga is far different from what we’ve seen before, mainly due to a new protagonist taking over the reins of the series from Denji. Asa Mitaka, the current war devil, tries to take down the devil with a chainsaw while also finding himself in the hilarious scenario of dating Denji at the same time. Of course, Asa runs into trouble thanks to Denji’s new protégé.

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