Chainsaw Man Cosplay Pits Mitaka and Yoshida Against One Another

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Pits Mitaka and Yoshida Against One Another




 Chainsaw Man left fans hanging when its first half ended, but creator Tatsuki Fujimoto put them out of their misery a few months ago. After a long wait, the manga is back with its second half and a new heroine that readers around the world have invested in. While Denji still reigns supreme, Asa Mitaka has become a serious threat, and one cosplay couple decided to bring the girl’s alter to life with the help of Hirofumi Yoshida.

Of course, you can see that the heroine is not alone here. They are joined by Yoshida here courtesy of cosplayer dauziiiii. Although out of focus, you can see the fan channeling Yoshida’s relaxed attitude towards the shirt. Their relaxed posture and bejeweled piercings nail Yoshida on the head, and it looks like Yoru wants to eat the Devil Hunter.


Of course, it may seem unlikely that the pair would mesh, but Chainsaw Man tied up Yoshida and Mitaka with ease. The Devil Hunter is responsible for keeping Denji’s devil identity safe while Mitaka searches for him for Yoru. The manga has pitted the two against each other quite directly in recent chapters, and now the question remains as to when the two will meet again.

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