Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Drops the Series’ Best Kiss

Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Drops the Series’ Best Kiss




 Chainsaw Man is back after a short hiatus and the manga did not mess with his return. After all, today is the release of chapter 119 and he finds Denji on the next date. However, things spiral out of control when Asa visits his home, and the whole thing wraps up in the manga’s best kiss yet.


And yes, it’s Denji on the receiving end. The guy doesn’t even see the kiss coming, but it seems to be going pretty well. We all know he’s had it worse.


The update comes at the end of chapter 119 when Denji and Asa are watching TV together. The pair chat a bit and their conversation ends on a tense note as Asa tells Denji not to like her unless he wants to die. By the time he found the answer, Asa switched bodies with Yoru and the possessed girl kissed the hero firmly.


The couple locked lips for a hot minute, though things remained very PG. Before long, Yora is seen placing her hand on Denji as if they were about to transform the man, but they are interrupted. After all, Denji said his roommate-slash-sister is on her way home, and we all know Nayuta won’t take kindly to this kiss.

As expected, the girl immediately sets her sights on Yoru and we know there is bad blood between them due to their rider status. Denji seems to be caught in the middle again, but this time it looks like he knows he’s being used. Asa was able to give the guy enough warning before Yoru kissed the half-devil. So now the question remains if Yoru will have better control over Denji when they kiss.

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