Anime’s New Fantasy Match Has Fans Wilding Out Online

Anime’s New Fantasy Match Has Fans Wilding Out Online




 If there’s one thing anime fandom is on fire for, it’s their fantasy matches. Just like sports fans have their own teams, anime fans are the same when it comes to shonen. You have a certain number of fighters and you will defend them to the last breath online when they are brought into a fantasy match. And thanks to a new presentation on Twitter, netizens are abuzz over Izuku and Denji.


Yes, you read that right. Fans are wondering what would happen if Deku took on Pochita’s best friend, and the results are downright hilarious.

As you can see below, fans are wild about their argument, but there seems to be a solid answer as to who will win. If Denji were to take on Deku, fans seem to agree that the latter would win. After all, Deku has the power of One For All on his side and he won’t just stay down. If Denji fought without Pochita on hand, the fight would be over ASAP. And even if he could transform, well – there’s no promise that the Chainsaw Man could get rid of our hero.


After all, Deku has battled some fierce opponents since his debuts. From Muscular to Shigaraki and all kinds of escapees, the hero has been around the block. Denji also faced his share of horrors, but the Chainsaw Man had the advantage of his reputation for alertness. Devils fear Pochita’s power as much as they envy it. And for most of his tenure, Denji always fought with the help of others. Deku has proven that he can handle it on his own, so you can see why fans are crediting this victory to Deku.

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