Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 Solves Denji’s Deadly Cliffhanger

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 Solves Denji’s Deadly Cliffhanger




 Chainsaw Man loves few things more than a good cliffhanger, and it showed this month. In early 2023, Denji sent the fandom into a frenzy when Chapter 117 teased the protagonist’s latest near-death experience. And now we learn how Denji managed to avoid the grave again.

The whole thing was launched today when Shonen Jump released its latest chapter, Chainsaw Man. The update started with Denji and Yoru when War Devil decided to use Ace’s body for a very important task earlier this month. All the fans watched as the devil tried to turn Denji’s spinal cord into a sword like Yoru did before…but unfortunately it didn’t work.


can you hear that Denji Spinal Cord Sword does not exist. Yoru will have to find another goon to kill if they want to weld another spine sword, fine.

Of course, Yoru’s threat against Denji got fans buzzing after the launch of Chapter 117, and theories began to circulate about how our hero might survive the transformation. A lot of fans were convinced that Denji would survive being turned into a sword, while others expected Pochita to somehow block the order. But as it turns out, the order didn’t go through because of Denji himself. Despite their beliefs, Yoru and Asa were wrong about how Denji felt about their date.


Sure, he may have been having fun, but Denji doesn’t love Asa enough to belong with her. Without this feeling, Denji cannot be turned into a sword and therefore the command survives. It seems that the hero still has a lot to learn about love before Yoru could even try to manipulate him. So for now, I assume Denji will keep his heart (and spinal cord) in place.

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