Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 120 : Triangle

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 120





Immediately after attacking her, Yoru starts barking madly like a dog, much to Nayuta’s amusement. Enraged, Denji questions why Nayuta did this, to which he explains that Yoru “spit on her property.” Denji reiterates that she belongs to him alone and demands that she return Asa to her normal personality immediately, to which Nayuta agrees once she eats.Once they’re done eating, Nayuta asks if Denji thinks it’s a good idea for her to turn Yora back to her true self, since every previous woman he’s met has only used him for their own selfish gain. When Denji insists that he thinks Asa is different, Nayuta backs down, noting that she can’t seriously hurt Denji anyway. However, it has two conditions; first, he is allowed to eat ice cream every day of the week and Denji has to stop trying to love Asa. Confused by the latter, Denji asks why, to which Nayuta remarks how horrible her smell is, implying that she is somewhat aware of her devilish status. She then notes that she will change Asa’s memories to believe that Denji set her up on a date because they won’t see each other anyway, so he shouldn’t care what she thinks of him. Fearing for Asa’s safety, Denji agrees to Nayuta’s terms.Afterwards, Asa stands alone at the entrance to the school. Yoru says it’s pretty late and he figures they’ve probably risen so they should focus on another boy. Asa starts babbling out loud to try and justify her earlier behavior while trying to sound nonchalant that she stood up; something that mildly humors Yoru. Asa remarks that she should focus more on getting her body back to normal, only to see Yoshida asking if she’s okay. When she says she’s not really doing anything, he asks her if it would be okay if she kept him company.

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