Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 122 : The Prophecies

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 122





The chapter opens with Fami making an extra-large order at the same restaurant that Yoshida brought Denji to earlier. Yoshida asks Fami to slow down because it’s too expensive, especially when the command is on him. Yoshida comments on Fami’s choice of an alias with little effort, to which Fami responds by saying that she doesn’t care about her identity being revealed.Yoshida continues to tell Fami about the “Nostradamus Prophecy”, which predicts the end of humanity in July 1999. Despite the public not paying much attention to it, Public Security took it seriously and forced 30 convicts to make a deal with the future devil as a condition of their release from bonds. Convicts gained knowledge of the dates of their deaths at an unknown cost, 23 of the 30 were confirmed to die in July 1999.Yoshida tells Fami that Public Security believes she is involved in the prophecy and threatens to treat her like a wild devil if she doesn’t cooperate. In response, Fami reveals that the remaining 7 convicts will die this week, further revealing that the Primal Fear appeared in Tamano’s East District apartments 40 seconds ago and that “she” will be the first fiend to plunge the world into the abyss. from terror.We cut to an apartment where a couple is celebrating a promotion for one of them. One of them asks if they can buy a car if they get a raise, but they both decide that owning a car is too expensive. After a moment of silence, they suddenly drop the subject and mutually decide that they should die now. He then steps onto the balcony and jumps to his death.We return to Yora watching in confusion as countless people die in front of her. He summons the ‘Sword of Ruler’ and takes a stance as a crushed figure emerges from the pile of corpses. In response, Yoru drops her bag and runs away, claiming that she can’t win this fight.

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