Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 121 : Theory of Happiness

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 121





Yoshida takes Asa to the Devil Hunters Club meeting room for coffee, with the former saying it’s fine since they’re both technically members. Asa wonders why he spends time on her when he must be busy being a public demon hunter, assuming it must be because he has feelings for her. When asked why she mumbled at the school gates, she said she was thinking about how it was better to live life alone. Confused as to why she kept saying it out loud, Yoshida agrees, saying that single people these days can be just as successful in a relationship as anyone. Asa takes this as a sign that he likes her, and as it looks like he was about to confess, he instead states that he wants her to stay as far away from Denji as possible. When Asa asks him why, he refuses to elaborate before leaving.Back at Denji and Nayuta’s house, the latter catches the most putrid scent of a devil she has ever smelled. She tries to get a lethargic Denji to stand up and fight, but he says he doesn’t want to fight anymore; even if all the ladies want him, what’s the point of doing it if it means he’ll be denied a relationship with any of them? Seeing where she had gone wrong, Nayuta reasoned that as the Chainsaw Man, Denji could theoretically have love from the masses; something much bigger than just a single girlfriend. Denji, thinking about it, agrees, now emboldened to fight again.A depressed Asa, feeling dejected at being seemingly rejected a second time, goes home, frustrated with her current situation. Yoru agrees with her that a life of solitude might be better than constant torment, but as Asa starts to think that she has no redeeming qualities and that she’s arrogant when she longs for love, the War Devil tries to comfort her, saying that she’s a little too hard on herself. Asa then notes how tired she is of not being able to maintain a healthy relationship, much to Yoru’s stunned silence, and even says that she’s better off dead.Approaching her apartment complex, Asa notices the corpse of a middle-aged man on the ground nearby. Yoru quickly takes over and demands that Asa stay back as she looks up to see all the residents of the compound outside their door staring right at them.

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