Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 95 : Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 95





Makima holds her injured hand over Denji’s mouth and holds it for a moment as about two dozen members of Public Security hover behind her, chains appearing that move from their torsos and connect them to Makima.Makima pulls on Denji’s chest cord and greets him before promptly cutting off her head. Her head flies off, the head of one of the bound Public Security members suddenly flies off as Makima’s head returns to her body, pulled back by streaks of her blood. Denji tries to punch her again with his left arm, missing as Makima dodges his punch and punches him in the face, knocking him back as Denji slices open her chest with his right arm. The injury is carried over to another bound Public Security member, whose chest is cut open as Makima regenerates again.>Makima unleashed a flurry of fists, punching Denji in the chest one by one as blood spurted from his mouth, the last blow hitting his torso before he cut off her head. A headless Makima kicks Denji in the chin and knocks him back as her head starts to return to her neck before Denji kicks her in the chest. As Makima’s head rejoins, she punches Denji’s arm, her right arm flying away as Denji’s left arm is destroyed. She’s about to punch him again when a chainsaw appears from Denji’s leg to kick her as he cuts her in half. Maki’s torso and lower half are quickly reattached and she spins and punches straight through Denji’s torso. She spins in front of him, grabs a piece of guts that spills out of him, then punches him again, tearing through his chest as both of his arms are torn off.Makima clings to Denji’s injured and armless corpse by the handle on his head and pulls Pochita out with his right arm. As she slowly pulls Pochita off his body, she tells Denji that even though she used nothing but her bare fists, he still lost to her and that he wasn’t Chainsaw. She questions how she could get him to give up life completely and how she could ever get the Chainsaw back. Denji responds by spitting blood on his face, and Makima tells him that Chainsaw Man didn’t spit in people’s faces. He goes on to say that Chainsaw Man also didn’t carry or talk and that everything he did was just a mess. He says that despite all of Denji’s ignorance, he was still chosen as Chainsaw Man, and that standing between Makima and Chainsaw Man, he must die.Makima completely rips Pochita from Denji’s chest, blood spurting from his wounds as he coughed up blood, his head falling back to the ground as Makima stood over him and stared at his motionless corpse.

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