Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 94 : Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 94





Denji in his hybrid form stands in the graveyard facing Makima. Behind her are Katana Man, Reze, Quanxi, Longsword Hybrid, Flamethrower Hybrid, Whip Hybrid, and Spear Hybrid, and several dozen members of Public Safety. Zombies suddenly emerge from the graves around Denji as Zombie Devil appears behind Makima. The zombified corpses are somewhat clothed, some wearing pants or suits. Some pick up their grave markers and hold them like swords. Zombies start rushing at Denji from all sides.Denji thrusts his hands into the ground, shooting down his chains and wrapping them around a large chunk of earth before lifting them up, sending several zombies into the air and a mass of dirt and rock in his wake. Pulling off her chains, she pulls a piece of ground in front of her and throws it towards Makima, who just sighs as it flies towards her. Katana Man and the hybrid Longsword jump into the air together, both of them slashing a piece of ground and chopping it into dozens of smaller pieces. The two, now vulnerable in the air, watch as Denji appears from behind the wreckage, falling towards them before cutting them both down with chainsaws. The spear hybrid jumps out from behind Denji before stabbing him in the chest with his spear, the spear screaming in pain as it impales him. Reze and the Whip hybrid both fly towards Denji as he screams, shouting a battle cry as he spins in the air, slicing Reze with one of the chainsaws on his arms and cutting the Whip and Spear hybrids once on his leg. Denji and the bodies of Reze, the Whip hybrid, and the Spear hybrid fall to the ground.Quanxi appears from behind Denji and fires his arrows at him as he raises his left hand in defense, several of them hit him and pierce his chest. The zombies will rush at him, grabbing him as he gets closer and closer, jumping on him and quickly forming a large pile as he gets stuck under them. Makima and the flamethrower hybrid watch the zombies, with the flamethrower hybrid noting how much weaker Denji was than before. Makima says it was because the whole world embraced the chainsaw man and spread his image, even going so far as to make him a commercially produced character, that he was no longer to be feared. Quanxi confirms Makima’s statement as Denji begins to cut through the pile of zombies. The flamethrower hybrid points its hands at the pile before shooting its flames at it, setting it on fire as all the zombies start to burn. Makima, Quanxi and the flamethrower hybrid all stand watching the flames for a moment, the flamethrower hybrid lets out a surprised cry as two chains shoot out from the burning mass, each wrapping around the grave marker behind him before Denji pulls them down and lowers them. he moves forward himself and cuts the Flamethrower Hybrid in half as Quanxi blocks it with his hands. Denji slashes her, several more arrows pierce him as he cuts off her head and her body falls to the ground.A bloodied Denji falls to his knees, then onto his back as Makima stands over him, looking down at him and then points his right finger at his left palm and says ‘Bang’ as he shoots a hole into it. She holds her bleeding palm over Denji’s mouth and lets the blood pouring out of it fall into his mouth as she tells him to wake up and that she wanted him to trade blows with her so she could kill him personally.

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