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Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 93





Denji stares at the TV, his hand gripping its frame as a pair of girls are seen holding a sign on it. He exclaims that everyone praised him before raising his hand to his face, holding back tears as he yelled that he was popular and watched as the girl on the screen waved a sign asking him to go out with her with a chainsaw. Denji grabs both sides of the television before pressing his face directly into the screen, sobbing at how popular he is. Kobeni watches Denji’s breakdown as she sits against a nearby wall, her expression a mixture of pity and horror.Kishibe sits in the chair behind Denji and opens his eyes before telling Denji to shut up and making him look over his shoulder at Kishibe. Denji tells him that he was tired of eating things like bread and jam for breakfast and wanted to eat steak every day instead. He cries about how he can’t and shouldn’t wish for such things as he collapses on his hands and knees in front of Kishibe, saying how he wanted five, then ten girls, and that he wants a lot of sex. Denji slowly rises to his knees before exclaiming that he wanted to be a chainsaw for these reasons. Kishibe sits in silence for a moment before telling Denji that Makima will find and kill him if he attracts too much attention, telling him that the next time he enters his hybrid form will be the time to kill him. Denji slowly looks down at the ground, tears streaming down his face.At some point later that night, Denji continues to watch television while Kishibe and Kobeni sleep, watching a video of him killing a devil in his hybrid form on the screen. He tells himself that he definitely wanted to become Chainsaw Man and asks himself how he wanted to kill Maki. He knows that she wasn’t someone he could win against without a plan and tries to think of how he can beat her. His mind soon fills with memories of his time with Public Safety as he remembers his encounter with the Devil of Darkness, his first encounter with Beam and his fight with the Santa Claus dolls as well as her subsequent defeat.Denji’s mind is then filled with memories of Maki, with images of her face appearing from when she told him she would grant him any wish if he killed Gun Devil, when she introduced him to her pet dogs, when she laughed in his lap after he asked if her killing Power was a dream when she fed him her blood during the fight against Santa Claus, when she listened to his heart, when she told him what he could eat if he became her dog, when she licked the pacifier before giving it to him as an indirect kiss, and when she told him she liked someone like a boy named Denji. Denji looks down in defeat and mutters to himself that he was the worst, and that even after everything Makima did to him, he still couldn’t help liking her.Sometime in the future, Denji is sitting in his hybrid form on a cross in what appears to be a graveyard, with Makima, Katana Man, Rez, Quanxi, the Whip Hybrid, the Spear Hybrid, the Longsword Hybrid, the Plamenomet Hybrid, and several dozen members of the Public Security , who walked to him along the dirt road. All members of Public Security move in sync, presumably under Makima’s control. Makima approaches Denji, believing him to be the Chainsaw Man when she notices his weakened form, before asking if he has come to finally die for her. Denji gets up from the cross and asks Makima if there are any crappy movies in her vision of a utopian world, causing her to realize that she is talking to Denji and not a chainsaw. She replies that she believed it would be best if bad movies were erased from the world. Denji says he had no choice but to kill her. Makima sighs before telling Denji that everything about him, from his appearance to his speech, is not suited for a man with a chainsaw. She says she found it uncomfortable. Four crows are shown flying into the sky, with three of them taking off from their perch on the respective cross. Denji spins his chainsaws, facing Makima as she approaches him along with the hybrids and many members of Public Security.

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