Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 90 : Super Power

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 90





Power is shown sleeping on a mess of blood and guts, complaining when Pochita pokes her with his paw. She opens her eyes and turns her head to face Pochita, who tells her to wake up. Power asks who it is, before quickly realizing that it was Pochita, who she learned about from what Denji told her about him. Pochita smiles at her recognition before telling her that he wants her to save Denji. He tells her that she wasn’t really dead as she was currently the blood that Denji drank from her earlier and that if nothing was done she would soon be gone. Pochita asks her to eat his flesh and revive as a devil. He happily obliges.Makima moves to the ground where the body of the man with the chainsaw lay, with about a dozen members of Public Safety lined up behind her. The man with the chainsaw begins to rise to his hands and knees, blood continuously pouring out of him as he points his head forward, the Force suddenly erupts from his mouth in the form of a bloody demon. The Force laughs as it points at Maki, bloody weapons suddenly erupting from her and the Public Security members’ bodies.Power shouts that he is the strongest as a bloodied Makima uses Angel’s ability to create a 100-year sword, while Power uses a move he calls “Thousand Tera Blood Rain”, showering Makima with dozens of bloody weapons as he shoots down from above. She gloats a lot and spouts nonsense as Makima keeps getting impaled and yells that Makima is trash and that she herself was the first president. When the gunfire stops, Makima summons the Zombie Devil, who appears behind her and turns the deceased members of Public Security into zombies.The zombies lunge at the Force, grabbing and biting her as she screams in pain, her left arm flying off as Makima shoots her with a finger gun like motion. Makima asks the bleeding Power how she was still alive, with Power refusing to answer as she lunges back, grabbing Chainsaw and claiming him as hers before Makima shoots her in the back. Makima asks Power to give her the chainsaw under threat of death if he doesn’t, stating that if she did, she would let Power be her pet again. This time Power obliged, moving behind the chainsaw man and picking him up before declaring that she had in fact captured him. Pochita is shown in a state of shock and confusion, while Power happily declares that all the glory was hers.

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