Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 89 : Go Get ‘Em, Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 89





The chapter opens with the focus returning to Kobeni, her Dance-Dance Mushroom game coming to an end as she stands tired and sweaty on the machine before happily exclaiming that she has a perfect score. Her head turns to the side, her expression worried as she looks at the man with the chainsaw sitting on the steps across from Kobeni.Kobeni stands confused, asking into the air why she’s dancing as Makima answers from above her, prompting Kobeni and Chainsaw to look at her sitting on the roof above. Makima goes on to state that she has been chainsawed 26 times in total, yet she questions why she continues to refuse to eat her. The corpse of the demon hunter he killed earlier with the Chainsaw begins to move and is drawn to Makima as the chain from her body connects to it. The next page shows Maki hovering over several dozen other handcuffed men.Kobeni goes into denial, stating twice that she had nothing to do with the current situation before Makima interrupts her to say that she did indeed have a major role in the events that are currently taking place and that her fear of the Chainsaw Man has subsided. This prompts Kobeni to look at the man with the chainsaw as blood begins to leak from his body, which has begun to collapse forward onto the pavement. Makima says that she liked people the way they liked dogs, in that they were loyal to her, easy to handle, smart but stupid, and everyone loved her.A television is shown in the window of a town store, showing a news broadcast as the broadcaster begins to read from a script stating that the Chainsaw Man has just defeated the Gun Devil. Continuing with news of Gun Devil’s defeat met with appreciation and shock around the world, the following footage shows images of people excited and overjoyed as they watched the broadcast on their televisions. A shot of Denji fighting the Gun Devil Aki is shown as the broadcaster states that he fought the Gun Devil to protect them, the broadcaster praises Denji’s ability to get back up again and again despite his many injuries, and the broadcast switches from the broadcaster. as shown by several individuals who were interviewed. The woman says that Chainsaw Man was a hero, the man explains how Denji fought the devil doll army and thanks him for letting him escape, the woman yells into the microphone that she saw him on the Beam when he was fighting the typhoon. Devil, a woman exclaims that he saved her on the train, a man claims that Denji protected him from a bat devil, and a little girl says that he saved her on the landing. Crowd shots are then shown of people in the streets celebrating Chainsaw Man, chanting his name, as the broadcaster tells the audience to go out and see for themselves what’s going on and that they should all join together to cheer him on.More and more blood collects around the chainsaw man, and Makima says that the people who cheered him on were eating him, comparing the power he was given by all the devils who feared him. A chained angel appears, hovering over Makima as he uses his power, saying “Use: 1,000 years” as a black spear emerges from a ring made of intenstine. Makima questions if Kobeni has enough strength to avoid her upcoming attack and believes that the Chainsaw would appear as a black circle in the air in front of Makima with three large humanoid figures appearing in the air around the growing circle in equal lengths . Kobeni’s faces are chainsaw men as they react to the attack, their faces bathed in light as Makima fires a spear at Kobeni.The man with the chainsaw moves in front of Kobeni and shoves her away as the spear pierces his torso. His blood spurts from his body, his insides fall to the ground as he collapses face first to the ground in a pool of blood. Makima sighs as the crowd continues to cheer for Chainsaw Man, his body lying still and not moving.

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