Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 82 : Always Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 82





Makima closes the door on Power’s body and leads Denji back to the couch. Still in shock, Denji shakily asks Makima if she is in a dream. Makima leans down to rest her head on his lap before laughing hysterically.Makima demands that Denji take off his shirt. He hesitantly reminds him of his submission and he continues. She lay back on his lap and started talking, playing with Denji’s cord. He explains that Denji’s promise to Pochita—to achieve a normal life—was actually a contract. Eager to break the contract by making it so that Denji can never enjoy a normal life, Makima explains that she decided to give him everything he wanted before taking it away. She explains this by giving him food; work; and family through Aki and Power; it would allow him to reach a new level of normalcy before destroying it. She then informs him that any happiness of normality he experiences from then on will be controlled by her, with the express purpose of ultimately destroying him. When Denji asks why, he replies that “the time has come for you to atone for your sins”.Makima elaborately explains that she looked into Denji’s past and saw his repressed memories: the ones hidden behind the door that Pochita told him not to open. He explains that Denji was hiding the truth from himself so he could live a normal life: The fact that he murdered his father. He goes on to state that Denji killed his abusive and alcoholic father in self-defense, and that the suicide claim was only made up by the Mafia so that Denji would inherit his debts.Makima tells Denji that by opening the door and accepting his past, he has accepted that he is not worthy of a normal, happy life. She reminds him that the same thing happened with Aki and Power: Although Denji was warned not to do this and other options were available, he ended up opening the door and accepting their deaths. Makima asks Denji if he thinks he deserves a normal life, while a dejected childlike Denji sadly replies “Nuh-Uh”.The next morning, Makima calmly eats breakfast while Denji lies motionless on the couch.

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