Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 81 : Give Paw

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 81





When Makima asks Denji to explain his desire, he explains that he no longer wishes to think for himself because the growth of relationships and responsibilities in his life has led to an overwhelming amount of sadness and regret in his decisions. He feels that putting all of his decisions in Makima’s hands will allow him to live a relaxed, guilt-free life. Makima asks him if he’s sure about this choice, to which Denji gives a half-hearted thumbs-up.Makima tests his new authority by asking Denji to do some dog tricks: Put a paw and roll over. Denji follows everyone and is rewarded with a pet on his head. He thinks about how happy he feels. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Makima reveals that she invited Power earlier. Denji asks why, but Makima reminds him not to think. Denji replies “Woof”. Makima leads him to the front door and orders him to open it so she can kill Power. Denji replies with another “Wow” before stopping in sudden confusion.Makima continues to guide Denji to the door as she storms off, asking her if she’s kidding. She ignores his hesitation. When she orders him to open the door again, her words are revealed to cover Pochita’s orders from Denji’s nightmares: ‘Do not open’. Denji slowly moves to the handle, thinking about how Power would hold the cake on the other side. As she opens the door, he questions why he assumed she would be holding the cake before remembering that it was his birthday the next day. Looking down the hall, he sees Power standing in the doorway holding a cake. Before he can react, Makima points his finger at Power, says the word “Bang” and Power’s torso is destroyed.Denji watches in shocked, stunned silence as Power’s head and feet fall to the floor. Makima takes Denji’s hands, tells him they’re cold again, and orders him back inside. Denji begins to sweat profusely as he tries to speak but no words come out. Makima smiles.

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