Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 74 : What the Waves Say

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 74





Aki visits Angel Devil’s hospital bed and explained his future vision to him. Angel Devil questions why he is being informed, given that the vision is said to be “inevitable”. Aki explains that with the loss of both arms, there is a possibility that the Angel Devil office will be laid down. As such, he wrote a letter of recommendation with Kishibe, with which he could transfer to public security and be deployed there. When Angel Devil questions Aki’s devil-hating reputation, Aki suddenly informs him of the plan to hunt down Gun Devil starting the next day, and that they may never see each other again. Angel Devil stops him and explains that the people he has absorbed often haunt his nightmares and offers to do anything to prevent Aki’s death from happening to him. He then suggests asking Maki for advice as they both leave to find her.As they walk, Angel Devil suggests to Aki to run away and leave his life behind to prevent his own death. However, Aki refuses, citing Denji, Power, and Maki as reasons to stay. Angel Devil, surprised at the mention of Makima, comments on Aki’s feelings for her and asks why he likes her. When the pair notices Makima standing on the beach waving at her, Aki also quietly begins to wonder why he likes her.Aki asks why he’s standing on the beach, to which he replies that he’s ‘waiting’. He questions why they are there as Aki explains his vision and desire to keep Denji and Power safe. Blaming himself for his brother’s death, he asks that they be prevented and promises to make any pact with any devil to do so. Makima looks into his eyes before asking him to make a contract with her to give him power in return for himself. Aki reacts in shock as Makima repeats and now orders him to accept the contract.As Angel Devil looks on, he slowly begins to remember the beach as where he was first found. He gradually remembers the community of people who took him in and cared for him, before focusing on the young woman from his previous memory, remembering her as “The one I loved and the one who loved me”. He then remembers how Makima arrived at the beach and asked to see his powers. Although he refused, she insisted and ordered him to use them. A few hours later, he reawakened and consumed the lives of everyone in the village. Back in the present, Angel Devil reacts with horror when he sees Aki accepting Makima’s contract.

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