Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 73 : Everyday Life No More

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 73





As Denji, Aki, and Power lie in bed together, Aki comments on Power’s calmness and lack of yelling. Power considers this before replying that “she may have defeated the dark devil in Hell”, to which Denji casually agrees. While they are washing the dishes, the phone suddenly rings, summoning them to the office. He meets with Makima and informs the group that while she took Aki and the rest of Division 4 from the Gun Devil mission, Denji and Power are still required to leave. He claims that the two of them will increase the prestige of Division 4 and asks Aki to leave if he is not going to join them. Denji agrees to the mission, still hoping to earn a wish from Makima, followed by Power, who wishes to continue working with Denji. Worried, Aki asks to rejoin the mission, to which Makima quickly agrees.After the operation begins, Makima details Gun Devil’s current status, explaining that he has already been defeated and imprisoned. Denji and Aki react in cruel shock as Makima explains that she was found dead shortly after her initial attack before being broken into fragments and given to various global nations. Aki asks about the weapons used earlier against the Devil Hunters, but Makima reveals that they were made by a human. He clarifies and explains that although there is an official worldwide ban on firearms, every government secretly manufactures and circulates weapons on the black market to maintain and increase fear of them around the world. This gives the remaining Gun Devil fragments more power, increasing their value as a global deterrent. Hearing this, Aki realizes that to destroy Gun Devil, the Bureau will have to go against the wishes of every global superpower. Makima agrees, calling the plan “A Kind of War”.Outside, Aki sits on a bench and looks at the sky. Denji and Power question his despondency, still believing the mission is simply about killing the Weapon Devil. Aki explains that even after killing the Gun Devil, the body would only be collected by the Japanese government, continuing the cycle of global enmity, which also means that the Gun Devil can never truly die. Denji expresses confusion, believing that Gun Devil must be mortal or Makima wouldn’t have promised him a wish in exchange for killing him. Suddenly, Aki receives a vision of the future from a future devil, reacting with sudden intense fear.That night, alone, Aki summons the future devil. Future Devil questions the vision and explains that it is a near and inevitable future – a future in which Aki and Power are killed by Denji, followed by the arrival of “The Devil that Devils Fear Most!”.

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