Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 69 : Shining Power

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 69





Denji and Santa Claus both writhe in pain as Denji complains about the heat of his burning body. Santa Claus pushes him away and immediately recovers, mocking Denji for his foolishness. Denji retorts, claiming that he watches a lot of educational programming, before revealing his chainsaw chain wrapped around Santa Claus’ body. Using it to stay close, he lunges again and cuts into her. She comments on the futility of his actions as she distributes the pain and damage between her various dolls, however Denji comments that her regeneration has started to slow due to the light from his flames.Suddenly Santa Claus slams Denji into a wall as he breaks through several dolls and starts stabbing him in the back. Santa Claus decides to wait and watch as Denji dies from blood loss and burns, naming him “Makima’s Dog”. However, he tears into dolls and drinks their blood to rejuvenate himself. He moves forward, but is again overwhelmed by the dolls as Santa mockingly tells him that he will be reunited with Makima in death. Suddenly, Denji starts pulling on his chain and pulls Santa Claus towards him while ignoring the blows from the dolls. Increasingly concerned, Santa Claus commands her dolls to keep her away from him and pulls on the chain in a tug-of-war. A pair of dolls in a car come speeding around a corner, crashing into Denji and causing a massive explosion. However, Denji emerges from the wreckage, engulfed in flames, still pulling on the chain.In shock and horror, Santa Claus questions the extent of his power when Denji reveals his motivation for still going on the trip with Makima. Denji lifted Santa Claus into the air and pulled her close to him before ripping her apart and ripping her body apart. As they begin to reform, Denji grabs the remains of the burning car and rams it into her, causing a second explosion that rips through her body and leaves her a smoldering husk.

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