Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 6 : Service

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 6





Denji and Power, after getting HQ’s approval for the day off, go after her pet. The Force knows where they can find the devil, but only Denji will be able to fight him because if the devil sees her, he will use the pet as a shield. Denji mentions that he also used to have a pet devil and that it now lives inside him, but Power thinks this idea is foolish as it means the pet is dead.Meanwhile, Makima meets with higher-ups who inform her of rumors of other nations using devils for military purposes, hoping that the devils will remain Japan’s only enemy. They ask her about her “dog” squad and she mentions that she has a promising and interesting one that she picked up recently, but is reminded that she can’t get attached as her job is just to train and use them.Back in the car, Aki Hayakawa asks Makima why she’s so interested in Denji, and Makima explains that devils are born with a name and the scarier the mental image you have of it, the more powerful they become. The coffee devil would be weak, but the car devil would be strong. He reveals that Denji can turn into a devil with a chainsaw. Aki believes it’s interesting, but nothing more, explaining that it has no serious purpose and is not suitable for public safety.Elsewhere, Power and Denji arrive at a remote house on a small hill. As they get closer to the house, Denji thinks they have to hide, and Power slips that she actually made up a story that the devil can’t see. Just then, Denji realizes something is wrong and tries to hit Power with his axe, while Power creates a blood hammer and manages to dodge his attack and hit him in the head. The force then pulls Denji inside the house, explaining that it took her a while, but she couldn’t move freely. He then gives Denji to the Bat Devil as agreed. The Bat Devil takes Denji and shows him his missing arm, saying that humans hurt him and forced him to hide, but now he uses human blood to heal. He then squeezes Denji and drinks his blood, regenerating his right arm, but complains about how bad his blood tasted and that he now needs to eat other people to get rid of the bad taste. Power tells Denja that people are really stupid to believe her story.

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