Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 52 : Lost Love, Flower, Chainsaw

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 52





Aki and Kishibe watch the cleanup of yesterday’s fight. Kishibe tells Aki about a Soviet urban legend about a military branch of the USSR that kidnapped orphaned children and trained them to be soldiers and used them as test subjects. Explaining the story to be confirmed as true after an American journalist found it, Kishibe reveals that Reze was one of these children and referred to them as guinea pigs. Nearby, the undercover Reze moves to the train station and plans to escape. On his way, he donates money to the same charity stall that Denji donated to, and receives the same kind of flower that Denji had.However, once Reze arrives at the station, she stares at the flower she was given and decides not to board the train, walking towards the cafe Denji promised to be there. He starts to smile eagerly as he walks down the aisle towards her. But suddenly a crowd of mice ran around her feet. As a large pillar forms in front of her, a voice is heard from within, falling away to reveal Maki. He reveals that he prefers a country mouse, in reference to a conversation between Reze and Denji a few nights before. However, Makima reveals her reason for liking the country mouse, based on her enjoyment of capturing and killing them, an activity she describes as giving her “Peace Of Mind”.Reze moves to pull out the pin on her neck, but her arm is immediately destroyed. She then pulls out the knife she hid with her remaining arm and lunges to try to stab Maki in the back, but is impaled by a spear that Angel Devil threw from the roof. As Reze slowly bleeds out, she tries to pull out the pin on her neck, but Makima takes her hand and stops her. Looking into the cafe, Reze thinks about Denji and thinks about the reason she didn’t kill him on their first date: Because she had never been to school either and was just as excited as he was. Makima stares at Reze’s lifeless body for a moment and tells Angel Devil that he should have brought Aki with him, but notes that it was nice to leave him because he wouldn’t react well to the execution of a woman. Angel Devil agrees before looking at the mouse and asking her if the city is a nice place.Inside the cafe, Denji sits dejectedly clutching a bouquet of flowers. The owner talks to him and promises that eventually another girl will come along who is perfect for him. As he says this, the door opens and Power walks in. She yells that she followed Denji’s scent to the cafe because she was allowed to go back to work. Denji lets out a deep, dejected sigh as Power sits next to him. The Force, thinking the bouquet Denji is holding is for her, demands that he give her the flowers, and as they both look at each other, Denji quickly pops them into his mouth and smiles.

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